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COVID-19 Relief Fund for Orphans and Abandoned Children in the Philippines

Image taken at Hospicio de San Jose by the US Navy

Mission Accomplished!


A special thank you to all our generous donors for helping us reach our goal! We have raised over $1,200 for the children of Hospicio de San Jose. All proceeds have been given to Sister Corrie, the administrator of the orphanage, and have been used towards the purchase of remote learning equipment. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Hospicio de San Jose in our initiatives abroad. 

Hospicio de San Jose is the oldest social welfare agency in the Philippines. For over 200 years, Hospicio has provided a sanctuary for orphans, neglected infants and children, elderly adults with special needs, and victims of abuse and human trafficking.


Today Hospicio, as it's known to locals, is home to over 300 residents — most female, under the age of 15, and rescued from poverty. The residents are cared for by the Daughters of Charity, an order of Catholic Sisters that have managed the orphanage for the past 150 years. Every day, the Sisters provide residents with shelter, hot meals, access to clean water and basic utilities, and medical care.

Hospicio de San Jose also offers:

  • Adoption and foster care opportunities for children and infants

  • Scholarships for college students

  • Special care programs for the elderly and those with special needs

  • Crisis intervention programs for migrants and refugees, abused women, single mothers, and victims of human trafficking

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COVID-19 is a deadly threat to Hospicio de San Jose’s vulnerable resident population, most of whom are young children and elderly adults. Hospicio is mere steps away from Manila’s busiest metropolitan areas; if even a single resident contracts the virus, the effects will be devastating.

The Sisters have gone to great lengths to make sure that this doesn't happen. Hospicio has been on lockdown since March, with no one allowed in or out except for essential personnel who travel into the city to purchase groceries or transport residents to the hospital. Families of caregivers have decided to leave their homes and live at the orphanage indefinitely so that residents can continue getting the care they need. With the pandemic leaving Hospicio’s regular donors unable to contribute and other streams of income running dry, the Daughters of Charity are in dire need of funds to maintain operation and continue caring for Hospicio’s residents during the pandemic.


This campaign is helping Hospicio de San Jose sustain daily operations throughout the crisis and support the Sisters as they work to protect and care for the less fortunate during these unprecedented times.

Thank you for helping us achieve our goal! This fundraiser is no longer accepting donations.







More information about Hospicio de San Jose and its programs may be found here:

Hospicio de San Jose Programs and Initiatives



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