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Kids in Technology Class

Smart Cookies Sensor Ecosystem

Bringing Science Education to Rural Communities


capability is reserved for students at well-funded schools that have access to a computer lab and 

divide in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education.

The Smart Cookies Sensor Ecosystem is a wireless mesh sensor network built to promote accessible science education and accelerate research. Built with students in developing communities in mind, it is completely self-contained and self-working, requiring no programming, software downloads, or even Internet access to work.

Each Smart Cookie contains technology to sense and measure air pressure, temperature, humidity, moisture, carbon dioxide and other gases, light, and ambient sound.

enables students to make new discoveries about their environment.


Early Prototype Demonstration

This project is currently still in its early development stages. We are proud of the progress we've made so far and are excited about what, including potential opportunities outside of education.


Smart Cookie

How It Works

Our Commitment To Support Scholarly Research

The research and development work invested into the creation of this system represents a novel application of wireless mesh network technology. We plan to submit and publish this work in the form of a technical report or academic paper 



Into consumer products.


Each Smart Cookie is comprised of an ESP8266 WiFi module, rechargeable lithium polymer ion battery, and sensor array. Current prototypes contains temperature and humidity sensors (Si7021 IC), although any low-power sensor chip with a digital I2C or SPI interface may be used. A recent addition to the newer prototypes is a power management controller IC for onboard charging of the battery.

Mesh Networking

While a single Smart Cookie can be used as a standalone data collection tool, using multiple Smart Cookies in close proximity with one another automatically creates a decentralized mesh network that intelligently routes data packets through other Smart Cookies to a hub that emits its own local hotspot.


Connecting a tablet to the hotspot will allow users to visualize realtime telemetry from all Smart Cookies connected to the mesh network and send commands to each node. This allows the system to accomodate a virtually limitless number of sensor nodes, enables hardware homogeneity, and extends the effective range of data collection far beyond the estimated 100m signal radius of a single WiFi module.

Embedded Web App

Students can visualize realtime data and interact with it through a lightweight web app that manages all the data streams and displays them on a user interface. The web app is stored within the microcontroller's internal filesystem, and can be accessed by any low-cost computers or tablet with an Internet browser. Current prototypes use Bootstrap for front-end interface elements and Chart.js for realtime data visualization to achieve a responsive, clean, and functional user experience.

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